Vesuvia (lilysnowflower) wrote in real_critiques,

Eye of The Storm

She's not impressed by the iniquitous
since she's lived that life before
There's no allure for her
by way of the insecure,
only a mask to obscure
a soul relentlessly driven towards
self destruction
and a constant need
to indulge in a more portentous corruption

She cannot rewind or unravel
the many mistakes that she's made
Her containment is an unending battle
yet she has ceased to be afraid

Her emotions shall remain a mystery,
Her heart kept veiled in secrecy
Never will she be freed,
for her destiny has been previously decreed

Her cage has been occluded and locked
so try to understand,
how freedom would come as quite a shock
for this bird that's been anchored to land

She is only a slave at anothers command
Her world, merely a grain of sand,
slipping through your fingertips,
and from the palm of your hand

Possession is not an option
although it may seem to be
Proceed with the utmost of caution
or be doomed and eventually lost in
her seemingly exquisite myriad of inclement
and tempestuously unrealistic sentiment
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